ABSOLUTE,  AUTOMATIC,  IMMEDIATE,  INSTANTANEOUS, TOTALLY UNCHALLENGEABLE,  COMPLETELY INDISPUTABLE,  ROCK SOLID,  “TITANIUM REINFORCED CONCRETE,”  ALMOST MIND NUMBING PROOF that the Bible’s original Hebrew and Greek are overwhelmingly truthful, accurate and inspired by God Himself is the FACT that it is SO mathematically unlikely that it is, for practical purposes, I-M-P-O-S-S-I-B-L-E for well over 400 BIBLICAL PROPHECIES to have been written and fulfilled hundreds of years later by mere random chance and luck without divine inspiration and without God repeatedly and miraculously manipulating events. One more time, it is completely !!! IMPOSSIBLE !!! For example, Micah 5:2 successfully predicted, about 700 years in advance, that Jesus would be born in Bethlehem. Secular Roman court records prove that Jesus really did exist since those records charged Him with a crime. He therefore did walk on this earth and also fulfilled many OT prophecies about Him. The odds that these and other OT prophecies were fulfilled by just chance alone are less than one in ten followed by well over an estimated ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY ZEROES, which is a number that is many QUADRILLIONS of times greater than even the number of atoms in the entire, known universe (ABOUT TEN TO THE EIGHTIETH POWER), according to a number of conservative, secular mathematicians. Statistically it is more likely for a running, hot, gasoline combustion engine, that normally runs quite hot, for it to, on its own, suddenly START STEADILY REFRIGERATING ITSELF, than for all those prophecies to have been written and fulfilled by only random chance and luck, according to Dr. Hugh Ross, well known Bible researcher.

Yes, primarily the New Testament does contain about a dozen or so contradictions, but they involve very trivial issues, such as personal details about the lives of some individuals which are quite insignificant compared to the extremely large quantity of other accurate historical data in the Bible and the overall message of salvation. If you discovered a treasure chest filled with 450 pounds of gold bars buried in your back yard, would you throw away the gold just because some of the gold had a few mouse droppings on it? No, of course not! Similarly, relatively rare Biblical contradictions are simply set aside, and the rest of the Bible is esteemed as precious, extremely valuable, and truthful especially when coupled with hundreds of archaeological discoveries confirming Biblical statements. The 1900+ year old Dead Sea Scrolls and the computer deciphered 1500+ year old charred Ein Gedi Leviticus Scroll discovered about 1970 near Ein Gedi, Israel, for example, are over 99.9% identical to modern day texts of the Old Testament, dramatically providing additional confirmation of the divine nature of the Bible.

The ENTIRE message of macro-evolutionism (fish evolve into reptiles, reptiles evolve into birds, etc.), also, is totally false and unproven and does not even offer any hope of immortality. Therefore simple common sense and logic demand acceptance of the super natural, holy Bible and rejection of macro-evolutionism. The overwhelming goodness and validity compared to the overwhelming evil and falsehood of these choices are so stark, so clear, and so “black and white” that even a “blind” man can see the difference. So Bible skeptics (evolutionists) seem to have an impaired ability to incorporate common sense and reasonable logic when it comes to accepting the Bible. Many to most Bible skeptics, quite amazingly, also seem strangely devoid of the natural instinct to want to live forever. They appear to not even have the good common sense to want to try to preserve themselves beyond this life. Even lowly insects and blind, brainless, worthless weeds, though, judging by their very fervent and determined struggle to stay alive in this physical world, would covet immortality if they could think and talk like humans. They almost certainly would say “Of course I want to live forever, and if being a Bible following Christian is the only way to achieve immortality, then count me in!!”

If you are still even slightly influenced by macro-evolutionism that was “rammed down your throat” in high school call 1 800 337 0375 to subscribe to the free, glossy 23+ page, monthly magazine ACTS & FACTS from the leading creation science researcher, the INSTITUTE FOR CREATION RESEARCH, to stay informed about the latest discovery in a growing number of discoveries supporting a divine re-creation. They do, however, incorrectly teach that the maximum age of the universe is about 6,000 years, which THE GAP THEORY revealed in Genesis does refute.

For example, delicate, intact RED BLOOD and COLLAGEN CELLS have been discovered in MANY dinosaur remains using an electron microscope. The long, fragile, delicate DNA molecules in those red blood and collagen cells cannot remain intact longer than about 20,000 years, dramatically proving that the dinosaurs could not have lived more than 20,000 years ago, so the radiometric dating and the imagination concocted, unscientific “Geologic Column” really are completely WORTHLESS. and the Creation Research Society have also documented the discovery of such fragile, short lived soft tissue in many dinosaur bones.

The continued existence of BLUE STARS also proves that evolutionists’ long age estimates are grossly inaccurate. Blue stars have a maximum life span of about a million years or less because they are releasing so much energy so fast. They burn out after a maximum age of around a million years. Despite evolutionists’ claim that stars are being continuously formed, they have only their hopeful theories and no real evidence.

GENETIC ENTROPY also solidly proves that the evolutionists’ radiometric dating methods and their evolution fable are worse than worthless. Since the time of Adam and Eve about 6,000 years ago our DNA has been steadily accumulating irreversible DNA copying errors EACH GENERATION. Some geneticists have calculated that humanity as a whole has only about 14,000 more years to live because the inherited, massive “baggage” of copying mistakes will be so huge by then that our DNA will basically self destruct, according to an ACTS & FACTS article.

DINOSAUR TRACKS actually help confirm Noah’s Flood because ONLY under the unique set of circumstances of advancing global flood waters can dinosaur tracks be permanently solidified according to an ACTS & FACTS article. Nowhere around the world are animal tracks being fossilized today. Also, few people know that the MAJORITY of dinosaur tracks head in only one direction, as if the dinosaurs were trying to escape rising flood waters. Normally wandering, foraging, large animals of MANY different kinds do not display a record of travel for HUNDREDS of miles on increasingly HIGHER GROUND, at the SAME TIME, in ONE STRAIGHT DIRECTION. That is what most of those solidified tracks reveal, however.

Career scientists are extremely afraid to even openly challenge their almost sacred dating methods because they know that they will be mercilessly blacklisted from well paying jobs in the established, evolutionism dominated scientific community. They value their paychecks more than they value intellectual honesty. The always liberal, anti-Bible mainstream media tries to censor red blood cell and other discoveries, too, making creation science news not readily available to the average person.

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