LEVITICUS 25:10,18,23: “And you shall consecrate the FIFTIETH year, …….. It shall be a Jubilee for you; and each of you shall return to his possession, and each of you shall return to his family. 18 …….. and you will dwell in the land in safety. 23 THE LAND SHALL NOT BE SOLD PERMANENTLY, for the land is Mine; ……..” 27:24: “IN THE YEAR OF JUBILEE THE FIELD SHALL RETURN TO HIM FROM WHOM IT WAS BOUGHT, to the one who owned the land as a possession.” Leviticus 26:27-29: “…….. if you do not obey Me, but walk contrary to Me, 28 then I also will walk contrary to you in fury: and I, even I, will chastise you seven times for your sins. 29 You shall eat the flesh of your sons, and you shall eat the flesh of your daughters.” 

The original Hebrew word for “eat” in verse 29 above is akal, Strong’s number 398. Since this word is often used figuratively elsewhere in the Bible, it may not necessarily always mean to literally eat children or commit actual cannibalism. In Ecclesiastes 4:5 the same akal word appears in which it refers to a wasting away of the body through apparently a lack of food intake, one of the potential results of refusing to work. Akal here could refer to the parents causing the death or destruction of their young children, a potential consequence of ignoring the Year of Jubilee. MANY HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS, and quite possibly even MILLIONS of Ukrainian children in the 1930′s, though, a terrible decade of worldwide chastisement for apparently not returning rural land to the original owners, are evidence that akal can mean or ultimately lead to the literal cannibalism of eating children, thanks to Stalin’s Holodomor. The man made famine became so bad that Soviet authorities, in an attempt to stop the cannibalism, set out posters criticizing people for eating their own children. Desperate, starving people sometimes even ate the boiled remains of dead people dug up out of their graves in the cemeteries.

The failure of the nations to obey the Biblical command to observe the Year of Jubilee (rural land is returned to the original inheritors) every fifty years has resulted in cycles of economic disasters worldwide such as depressions and major famines, the result of divine curses for disobedience. To my knowledge, no nation, not even ancient Israel, has ever observed this law. Failure to obey Leviticus 25:10 has caused tremendous, incalculable suffering in the form of homelessness, hunger, and actual starvation for thousands of years even excluding supernatural curses for disobedience. The Apostles singled out and specifically mentioned that sacrifices, circumcision, the Levitical priesthood, and the automatic death penalty for the sins of the now law abiding, righteous Christians have been done away with, but they never said that this Biblical command to observe the Year of Jubilee was abolished, so it is still very much in force.

According to Leviticus 25 land owners during the 50 years interval between each Year of Jubilee, could rent or temporarily sell their land to others who could in turn sublease or temporarily resell it to others, but the original owners would receive their land back at no financial cost on the fiftieth year. However, houses separated by “walls” or fences within cities could be permanently sold with no right to reclaim it later. Homes not separated by walls or fences in rural towns or villages, though, could not be permanently sold and would need to return to the original owners every fifty years. This excellent law was designed to enable everyone, including you and your family, to permanently own free land to live on and grow food on, giving each generation the opportunity to have a fresh start at least once in a lifetime.

Obeying this fiftieth year land law would finally put an end to the following 5 evil factors contributing to homelessness, poverty, and starvation:

1) the permanent loss of valuable land by the accumulation of vast tracts of land by rich individuals, families, corporations, and governments,

2) the permanent loss of valuable land confiscated by the government for unpaid federal estate (death) taxes, which has been as high as 50%,

3) the permanent loss of valuable land confiscated by local or state governments for unpaid property taxes or other taxes,

4) the permanent loss of valuable land due to foreclosure because of unpaid land or home equity mortgage loans, and

5) the permanent loss of valuable land due to bad advice, gambling, extortion, foolishness, or other reasons.

The Mosaic laws of ancient Israel were meant not only for Israel but as an example for all nations to follow. Otherwise the curse of economic depressions would not be worldwide.

Can the minds of many governmental rulers and business leaders be temporarily influenced so subtly by our Creator to make economic conditions bad, that these leaders thought they made the decisions, and that the decisions were good ones? Can their minds be repeatedly manipulated to later make a bad economy eventually even worse? According to certain Biblical verses, the answer is definitely yes. The following verses show that our Lord can easily control and manipulate human minds: Isaiah 45:13, Proverbs 3:6, Exodus 14:4,16,17, 23, and 28.

A Russian economist, Dr. Nikolai Dmytriyevich Kondratieff, was appointed by Lenin to analyze economic cycles in capitalistic countries in an attempt to determine when their economies would fail. Kondratieff published the results of his extensive research in 1922 (even before the 1930′s depression), and he came to the conclusion that the capitalistic system is inherently self regenerating. Joseph Stalin was not pleased with such a conclusion, so he later sentenced Kondratieff to a labor camp in Suzdal, Russia, where he was eventually executed by firing squad at the age of 46 in 1938. Kondratieff’s work eventually became famous for showing that economic downturns seemed to come in cycles of 40 years followed by 60 years, which average about 50 years in America and in other western countries. Do the math with the dates below, and you will see a rough type of 40/60 year cycle appear. America, the most righteous large nation in the world, seems to have suffered less than the other nations during these cyclic booms and busts. My own initial, brief research seems to show that most of the worst famines are clustered around the 30′s, 40′s, 70′s, 80′s, and to a lesser extent the 90′s of each century at about the same or close to the same time economic depressions occur.

In the 1590′s a terrible famine occurred in most of Europe. A serious famine was recorded in Italy in the 1640′s and 1670′s. Depressions, primarily agricultural, occurred in the 1680′s and 1740′s (famine across Europe produced a major spike in mortality in the 1740′s). The economic depression of the 1780′s (about 10 million people, nearly one third of the population, also starved to death in a famine caused by drought in India from 1769 to 1770), comparable in severity to the 1930′s depression, was followed by a depression in the 1840′s, described as “great.” Approximately one million, close to one eighth of the population, starved to death in the “Great Irish Famine” in the 1840′s in Ireland. The depression of the 1870′s (another estimated 10 million people also starved to death in the 1877-1878 famine in China, and about 5 million died in the 1876-1878 famine in India) was followed by the Great Depression occurring during the years 1930-39 in which unemployment reached 25% in America and some people actually starved to death even in our country. About 5 million starved to death during the 1936 famine in China. Between 1.5 to 3 million starved to death in India during the 1940′s. The 1982-83 recession in America, right on schedule plus or minus 10 years, was the worst downturn since the 1930′s, and it was characterized by massive deregulation (described by some as the “dismantling of America”) of major industries, perhaps paving the way for another 10 year depression later, long overdue. Unemployment hit double digits in the 1982-83 recession. Previously regulated industries had minimal, government enforced profit margins for public safety and continued viability of major businesses. Deregulation of the trucking, airline, railroad, financial markets, and other industries has created continuous financial problems and a slowly eroding living standard for the middle class.  The financial events of September and October, 2008 are now being called the PANIC of 2008. Deregulation of the financial industries during the 1980′s has led to risky, highly leveraged exotic trading practices. To try to allow everybody to have their own home, which seemed like a nice idea, legislation was passed to force many financial institutions to give mortgage loans even to people that could not afford them which resulted in inevitable foreclosures on a massive scale. These financial institutions were threatened with measures that would almost force them out of business if they did not make these bad loans. Colossal losses to major lending institutions later started “snowballing” from the mounting number of foreclosures, which for a while resulted in nearly frozen interbank lending among the largest banks, a major component of today’s economy. The losses from these “toxic” loans, traded worldwide using deregulated, highly risky trading practices, produced a multitrillion dollar (about 10 trillion according to some people) hole in the world economy.

The thoughts of congressmen produced evil deregulation in the 1980′s and other evil legislation before 2008. Were their bad, illogical thoughts really their own, or were they divinely manipulated to manufacture a 2008-2009 recession described at one time by some as “ferocious” and “feeding on itself” that could grow into another grinding 10 year depression?

Third world, nonChristian nations seem to almost always be experiencing famines somewhere to some extent, but it is noteworthy to realize that their severest famines recently have occurred during the 70′s and 80′s, typical times for depressions in more advanced countries. The 50′s and 60′s have seemed to generally be more prosperous. In Bangladesh 1.5 million starved to death in their 1974-75 famine. About 1 million starved to death in Ethiopia during the famine of 1984-85. In the African nation of Sudan at least hundreds of thousands of people starved to death in the mid 1980′s.

The well respected, non profit, international FOUNDATION FOR THE STUDY OF CYCLES, which originated from research initiated by the United States Department of Commerce to determine the causes of the 1930′s depression, has documented a 54 year cycle in international trade, cotton production, oat production, agricultural workers’ incomes, pig iron production, ship construction, lead production, growth and contraction of tree rings due to rainfall levels, and other natural phenomena. This 54 year cycle is a mirror of economic expansions and curse induced, severe contractions which approximately corresponds to the 50 year intervals of the Year of Jubilee.

This 54 year cycle would probably be adjusted closer to 50 or even 50 years if more accurate data could be analyzed extending all the way back to the time when the Mosaic laws were given to Israel. We are overdue another major depression according to the Kondratieff Cycle, a divine cyclic curse that will again produce incalculable misery and suffering for rejecting the Lord’s Year of Jubilee. The righteous, though, do not need to be overly concerned about going hungry because of many comforting verses in the Bible, such as Proverbs 10:3: “The Lord will not allow the righteous soul to famish ………” Famish means to starve to death.    

Scripture taken from the New King James Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved. Unless indicated otherwise, all Biblical quotations are from the New King James Version.


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