Christians have a right to know if the translation of any critically important verses in their most precious document, the Bible, have been tampered with by the addition of personal opinions, misinterpreted, or poorly translated by anti-Old Testament leaning translators. They also need to be warned about the true definition of lawlessness if they want to be in the very highly coveted first resurrection of the “called first fruits.” You can make Christians more knowledgeable in these and other areas by helping to pay for additional advertising which will let more Christians know about this site. From the steady stream of visitors, this site’s statistics show that some people view many pages, so GracePlusLawKeepingSave.Us is doing its job of at least correctly explaining New Testament law keeping, if not actually contributing to the eventual salvation of others.             

Matthew 12:30: “HE THAT IS NOT WITH ME IS AGAINST ME; and he that GATHERETH NOT WITH ME SCATTERETH ABROAD” (King James Version) Your contribution can make you one that gathereth, and not one that scattereth.

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Eating The Fattiest Meat On planet earth, pig meat, and not paying the blessings packed 3rd year food tithe really is still quite sinful. GracePlusLawKeepingSave.Us

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If you donate, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! Thank you for helping to shine a light of truth in this increasingly evil world. If your donation helps even one other person become more righteous leading to his or her salvation, a priceless reward in the next life could be waiting for you (Daniel 12:3, James 5:20).

You will not be judged by what you have, but by what you have done with what you have. 

Revelation 14:13: “…… they will rest from their labor, for their deeds will follow them.”